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Paraexcel- fighting post-harvest loss with edible coating


Paraexcel has been chosen as ISC3 Start-up of the Month for May 2021

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Paraexcel uses biodegradable and biodiversified  organic raw materials extracted from selected food products and farm wastes to produce an edible coating which is meant for use on fruits and vegetables in order to :

Extend the shelf life.

Reduce the weight loss.

Maintain freshness and firmness.

Reduce spoilage during transportation and storage

The technology is patented and the product sold under the trade name " Phytorbit™

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  • Paraexcel Global Ltd. 2292 Airport Road, Kano State.Nigeria

Target Market

The market for this technology exists wherever there is post- harvest loss in the Fruits and Vegetables supply chain. Paraexel's edible coatings can be used by small and medium scale farmers, large scale farmers, local and industrial processors, distributors and consumers.

Customer Problem

Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. estimated that about 1.3 billion tons of food are globally wasted or lost per year (FAO, 2011). On the other hand, farm waste is expensive to dispose and difficult to manage profitably. The use of these wastes in a sustainable and beneficial way to preserve fruits and vegetables will not only help in reducing the post-harvest loss but will also reduce land and air pollution and increase the disposable income of value chain operators in fruits and vegetables food chain


Para-excel developed and produces a product which has multiple times greater effects on shelf life extension for fruits and vegetables than the refrigeration and drying techniques, yet its technology comparatively require less  investment, less energy use, less labor, a broad range of materials to choose as raw materials and can profitably scale down for regional deployment.

Contact Us

  • Paraexcel Global Ltd. 2292 Airport Road, Kano State.Nigeria